Let us tell you our story


As we ( shiva & charan) have started our journey together as friends in a design and media college as VFX 1st year graduation students. We used to be a couple of youngsters who dreams big about future but leading a normal boring life with ups and downs. At that time we are just waiting for the correct business partner and a good opportunity to start our biggest dream (business). Once we became friends we used to chit chat and pass the time together like any other youngsters. One day when our faculty asked about our biggest dream in life we both gave the same answer that is business. From then we started to dream together about becoming a perfect businessmen. As days passing on our dreams became much big but in reality we were just there at the same situation and living a regular life. At the end of our 1st year we decided to take serious about our career and started to work part-time as Delivery boys and bike taxi drivers. The hard earned money we have saved for our investment was finished half way through finding opportunities which are miles away from us at that time. Coming from business families we always had a positive thinking and risk taking nature. So, we continued to work hard time. After few months we had gained the confidence we our experience as freelancers and in many other ways, we were ready to start a business. But as you all know Succes doesn't taste good if we don't have enough struggles in our journey. At a stage when everything was ready to start we had to go through a rough patch on our life. One of us had breakup in long relationship and the other one didn't get needed support from the family and had been forced to get a job after graduation instead of going into business. For a few time we had been depressed and almost lost hopes and dropped all our dreams in a dustbin. But we sat and discussed amd decided to never give up. If we sacrifice our dream at this point we can never achieve anything in our lives again. So, we never gave up and struggled even hard to reach the 1st check point of our goal. From that day we have stared to develop our website. Because we are media students we had enough knowledge and resources to develop a company and a website. With our designing and coding skills we decided to start a online fashion store. Our main motto is to bring new designs with a good quality of products at a reasonable and low price so that every teenager and youngster could confidently buy our products irrespective of price and status. We hope you all help us to build our business strong by adding your love and support as bricks. This is our story from a "Lazy youngsters to a Crazy MONKSTERS".